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Brandywine Workshop

730 S. Broad St.. 215/546-3675.

Brandywine Workshop is dedicated to the creation, development and promotion of printmaking as a fine art, creating opportunities for culturally diverse ethnic groups to participate in the fine visual arts and related art technologies. For over 35 years, Brandywine Workshop has been a leader in the development of printmaking as a fine art. Philadelphia based, national in scope and internationally recognized.

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ArtJaz Gallery

53 N. 2nd Street. 215-922-4800. E-Mail.
Wed-Sat 11am-5pm or by appointment.
ArtJaz Gallery was established in 1999 in the historic district of Old City Philadelphia to cultivate the works of emerging and career artists of color. Our artists are regionally, nationally, and internationally affiliated. Our goal is to create a broader audience that will engage in collecting fine art, while increasing knowledge and understanding of contemporary fine art. Coming June 1, Art Exhibition featuring artists Verna Hart & Kimmy Cantrell.

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The Piazza at Schmidts

North 2nd St, Northern Liberties

Infused with the ideas that helped shape public spaces and communities in Europe, the Piazza was conceived as a center for art and commerce. The 80,000 square foot open Philadelphia landmark hosts a 40 foot stage, giant 26×16 ft. movie screen and meticulously landscaped fountain. The Piazza at Schmidts is open every day, inviting all to experience a rich sense of culture and community. Consisting of 40 spaces that range from clothing designers, custom purses, a magic shop, and galleries galore, all owned and operated by Philadelphians. The piazza is also home to several fine restaurants. Whether your taste buds are looking for a classic burger and perfectly poured pint, or an amazing ravioli dish and a smooth glass of wine, you can find it here. In addition, the piazza has weekly entertainment ranging from movie night to jazz night and wine tasting. You can visit our website at atthepiazza. com for more information on our 40 spaces, restaurants, and entertainment schedule.

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