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Avenue of the Arts

The Theatre! Dance! The Orchestra! But seriously, sometimes what you need is a perfect martini, soft lights, and a neighborhood with plenty of cab service. On the other hand, it just so happens that Philadelphia has a spectacular array of dramatic, musical, and dancing talent too.



Clubs and Pubs and Nightclubs

Martini. Micro-brew beer. Jazz club. Folk club. Rock. Rock and Rye. Put on your white tie with your best t-shirt (it's an informal kind of town) or your perfect little black dress and head on out where the lights are bright. More...



It used to be that shows would die here before failing in New York. Now they're born here and hailed in New York. More...



The Philadelphia Orchestra, the Philly Sound, The Philadelphia Folk Festival, and the home of John Coltrane and Sun Ra (not the same house). More...



One of the best kept secrets around here is the quality of Philadelphia dance. That's a secret from Philadelphians, but audiences in New York, Europe, and Japan know better. Get in on the ground floor. More...


Adult Entertainment

Speaking of best kept secrets....
You must be 18 to view Adult content. PhillyVisitor takes no responsibility for links to sites that may contain adult material. More...






08/01/2020 -01/01/2020

Mummers Parade More...

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