1809 John F Kennedy Blvd Suite B, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Taste CheeseSteak Bar, a vibrant addition to Philadelphia’s culinary scene, redefines the iconic Philly cheesesteak with innovative twists and bold flavors. This first-of-its-kind eatery offers an array of mouth-watering signature cheesesteaks, from succulent jerk chicken to inventive options like salmon and oxtail. Vegetarians are in for a treat with savory portobello mushroom and cauliflower cheesesteaks, while cheesesteak spring rolls and cheesesteak pizza introduce a playful fusion of tastes. With a focus on tradition and creativity, Taste CheeseSteak Bar promises a celebration of Philadelphia’s rich heritage and culinary ingenuity in every bite.
Open Mon-Wed 11am-11pm, Thu and Fri 11am-2am, Sat 12pm-2am, Sun 12pm-12am.